BlackBerry aims to satisfy work/life balance with Balancer in BB10 and Z10
BlackBerry aims to satisfy work/life balance with Balancer in BB10 and Z10

BlackBerry has introduced a 'Hub' concept into its newly launched BB10 and Z10 devices in order to deal with work and personal uses of mobile devices.

According to Rob Orr, managing director for UK & Ireland at BlackBerry, the company is focused on mobile computing and endpoints "and what is important is security". He said that introduced in this device is a function called 'BlackBerry Balance', which gives two environments for personal and corporate use.

Orr said: “This allows the user to do what they want and corporate IT to manage it as we created a sandbox between two environments.

“On the business side, there is a few ways out there to do stuff but the user has to do something to get into the corporate environment; with this the email will be in the Hub and it cannot be accessed until the perimeter password has been entered. The two will run side-by-side on the device, so for example a photo taken in the corporate environment will not be accessible until it is unlocked, but you will always see the consumer side. You can lock the Hub and the consumer side will be available, it is very powerful.

“This is what our guys are picking up on – it is to give capabilities to the user but with the need to manage the environment and we have built this into the BB10's DNA. With BlackBerry Balance, there is no compromise, it is clear and doesn't impact the user's ability to get things done.”

Also added is a video function in BlackBerry messenger and BlackBerry Remember, which is a file system for saving and organising documents.