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The incredible opportunities and risks of the Internet of Things

Businesses cannot allow a lack of collaboration among internal departments to inhibit their ability to fully realise the potential afforded by future-facing technologies.

BlackBerry recommendations for connected car security; cyber-crime target

As our cars become more connected and our society moves closer to wide spread autonomous driving, researchers and companies alike are calling for national standards to help secure connected vehicles.

BlackBerry & Apple rumble: CEO calls helping law enforcement 'civic duty'

Cooperating with law enforcement is "our basic civic responsibility," BlackBerry CEO John Chen told reporters at a media Q&A at the BlackBerry Security Summit in New York.

BlackBerry buys UK cyber-security consultancy to fire up new services

As the company continues to change into a more software-focused business, BlackBerry has acquired Encription, a cyber-security consultancy that delivers services globally from a secure location in Worcestershire in the UK.

Tesla vehicle hack fix delivered over-the-air

Vehicle hack for Tesla model s has fix delivered over the air, and any future patching to use same method

iPhone, Android open to remote control malware

Italian hacking team seem to have forgotten about a Blackberry version of the spyware.

Mobile guidance on encryption/VPN from CESG

The CESG, the security offshoot of GCHQ, has published in-depth guidance for users of laptop, tablet and smartphone operating systems, offering specifics on how to deploy and use the operating systems on a mobile platform.

Reducing risk in a post-BlackBerry world

Raimund Genes asks, If even Obama's ditching the BlackBerry, what hope does the IT department have?

SC Congress London: BYOD issues remain in post-Blackberry era

Bring Your Own Device is making waves in business, but concerns remain on how employees use personal smartphones and tablets, how they're managed and the laws to which companies must adhere.

BlackBerry aims to satisfy work/life balance with Balancer in BB10 and Z10

BlackBerry has introduced a 'Hub' concept into its newly launched BB10 and Z10 devices in order to deal with work and personal uses of mobile devices.