Blackmail News, Articles and Updates

Arab corporate users being targeted with "fake extortion" attack

Over the weekend of 25-26th August, users across the GCC were targets of an attempted 'Fake Extortion' email campaign that passed through security filters and reached its intended victims' corporate inboxes.

Ashley Madison users threatened with extortion in letters

Since the Ashley Madison breach, some users of the infidelity service have received blackmail letters via the US postal system from extortionists threatening to blow their cover.

Roath man involved in "paedo hunt" sentenced to 9 years in prison

Earlier this year, Lee Philip Rees of Roath, Cardiff was found guilty of computer hacking, distribution of indecent child photos and blackmail.

News websites offer bitcoin bounty over DDoS attacker

CryptoCoinNews and Hacked offer bounty of five bitcoins to catch blackmailer who is holding them to ransom with DDoS threat

Potential DD4BC copycat, The Armada Collective target email providers

A new cyber-syndicate has arrived on the scene targeting mainly email providers and using tactics which seem very familiar.

Scammers and schemers look to cash in on Ashley Madison breach

Blackmailers are seeking money in exchange for not releasing data, and scammers are offering services that supposedly remove Ashley Madison data.