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Blink Professional Edition


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£146 for 10-pack

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Strengths: Replaces many security software components

Weaknesses: The price can be misleading and the documentation is weak

Verdict: An expensive product that is feature-rich and can replace many other pieces of software

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Blink is an endpoint security product that functions as a network protector. A unique component is that Blink works like a host-based IPS (HIPS) system by trying to stop malware from making it to the endpoint. A unique aspect is that the product attempts to replace desktop security components by providing a single product, thereby minimising the memory footprint needed to secure the machine. Blink works with only Windows clients but does support the 64-bit versions of operating systems.

With Blink everything starts with the REM console. This allows the administrator to set the policy, to see real-time attack data and current system status, as well as current vulnerability status.

There are four security components installed with Blink on the client. The first is the firewall protection, which limits both incoming and outgoing traffic to prevent attacks, and also to help prevent data leakage.

The second feature is the intrusion prevention component. This looks to prevent zero-day attacks, for which vendors have not yet released patches.

Another component is the virus and spyware protection. This uses sandbox technology where the new code is run in a protected part of the software before being passed to the operating system.

The final protection is general system protection. This whitelist application protects registry settings from being changed, and protects against some forms of physical security breaches by regulating the use of USB and FireWire storage devices.

The documentation for the Blink product was among the worst we have seen in any review. The only file we had was a downloadable installation guide which we were unable to access.

eEye includes eight hours a day, five days a week support for the Blink product when purchased in conjunction with the REM console and the upgrade service. 24/7 support is offered at an additional fee, but pricing is based on the number of licences.

The true cost of this product must include the REM console, which lists approximately c£1,350 to manage up to 100 devices. This makes it one of the the more expensive tools in this review.

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