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Cryptocurrency: just for tax avoidance & paying cyber-hold-ups anonymously?

At a cursory glance, the cryptocurrency landscape looks an awful lot like the old Wild West - lawless, volatile, open; no viable law enforcement in sight. But is there also a more positive side to blockchain technology?

Hackers using blockchain to keep authorities at bay & to sustain operations

Cyber-criminals have taken advantage of blockchain technologies to keep their websites and domains secure from takedown attempts by authorities, selling "dedicated host servers" as hack-proof to other cyber-criminals.

Crypto exchange BitGrail and token developer Nano in coin theft dispute

Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail is feuding with the developers of Nano virtual tokens, with both sides pointing fingers after BitGrail issued an announcement claiming a malicious actor stole 17 million Nano coins.

With cyber-crime at its peak, is the cloud really secure?

The underlying principles of blockchains are perfect for creating data integrity across an enterprise's value chain, and, says Ian Smith, there are firms developing these 'enterprise blockchains': private, permission-based ledgers.

Dealing with DDoS - Blockchain would have saved Final Fantasy XIV

Stephen Holmes, suggests use of blockchain to thwart DDoS attacks, noting its collective computing power would require multiple nodes across multiple institutions to be attacked to overwhelm the full system.

IBM or Microsoft's vision for ID verification & device authentication?

Whether IBM or Microsoft's vision prevails, identity verification and device authentication are still a factor in security says Mike Lynch.

Blockchain: A multi-functional 'Swiss Army knife' for cyber-security

Blockchain is known for powering cryptocurrencies, but developers are finding many other innovative uses for crypto-secure transactions, write Adam Palmer and Michael Palage.

What can blockchain & Leonardo DiCaprio teach cyber-fraud management?

Ed Adshead-Grant discusses why blockchain is a wake-up call for cyber-fraud management.

Blockchain revolution: But where's the value?

Blockchain is held in high regard within tech circles. While cryptocurrencies using blockchain are thought of by some as facilitating cyber-crime and tax-dodging, blockchain can be used to achieve the opposite and is now predicted to revolutionise many business processes and democratise money itself.

Microsoft unveils "Project Bletchley" secure blockchain framework

Project Bletchley has been introduced by Microsoft and will use blockchain to secure financial transaction history and protect against fraud