Blockmaster has announced the launch of the SafeConsole 3.3 management software, with research showing that 40 per cent of over 100 office workers have lost a USB stick at some point.

It also found that 64 per cent of respondents have left a drive unprotected in a PC and 30 per cent had no idea whether the USB sticks they are leaving around are secure.


Launched at Infosecurity Europe, SafeConsole 3.3 includes new features such as File Blocker that prevents worms and malicious files from being passed via it. It can also be configured to ensure that certain file formats are not stored.


The device allows for a temporary password to be created to access a specific file, and SafeStick will automatically disable if it is lost or its whereabouts to the company is unknown for a configurable period of time.


Daniel Östner, CEO of BlockMaster, said: “A careless attitude towards USB security appears to be rife amongst British workers, and it means organisations are extremely vulnerable to the threat of data breaches, where IP could become compromised and reputations damaged.


“Managing the security risks associated with removable storage is one of the biggest challenges faced by IT departments today - protecting data outside the corporate perimeter is no longer an option, but a necessity to prevent data breaches.”


Meanwhile BlockMaster announced a two-year contract to distribute over 100,000 SafeSticks to NHS hospitals across the UK. The SafeSticks will provide complete security for all removable storage through military grade hardware encryption, and will be distributed through seven public sector procurement hubs.


Östner said: “It's fantastic news to see that the NHS is leading the way with USB security. The introduction of best-practice and diligence by organisations will protect sensitive data on portable devices and prevent embarrassing, as well as costly data breaches.”