BlockMaster has announced the launch of a secure file sharing tool for connection between a desktop and a secure USB stick.

According to the company, ShieldShare enables all data to be encrypted on the client desktop prior to it being added to central storage to enter the cloud where the user has full managed control over devices and users, and the encryption keys never leave their premise.

ShieldShare encryption keys are handled in an automatic PKI infrastructure through a separate key server that the organisation controls.

Anders Kjellander CSO of BlockMaster, said that ShieldShare offers the convenience of file sharing for security-conscious companies.

He said: “With ShieldShare, they can now make a no-compromise decision and get both maintained productivity and real security. ShieldShare offers true cloud security where you hold the encryption keys, not the service provider.

“All data is encrypted on the clients before touching any server. This is truly a break-through approach. For example, local government agencies can make use of global cloud infrastructure services to enable file sharing without risking breaches to privacy legislation.”

Clients are available for Windows, Mac and SafeConsoleReady secure USB drives (previously known as PIPE). The ShieldShare Key Management Server and ShieldShare Storage Engine can be hosted together or separately on any Windows machine on-premise, in private/public cloud infrastructure or in hybrid mode with maintained security.