Bloxx has announced the capability to do real-time URL filtering for remote workers to ensure consistency with policy.

Available from February, the company said that the remote filtering uses a standard Bloxx Web Filtering appliance in conjunction with a Windows application installed on users' laptop or desktop computers. The remote filtering client locks down web access to a company's filtering policy by forcing web requests to be made directly through a Bloxx Web Filter.

According to Bloxx, the application also ensures that web access continues to be filtered even when a user is accessing the web through a public WiFi hotspot and removes the need to manually maintain a whitelist of WiFi providers on each laptop.

Eamonn Doyle, CEO at Bloxx, said: “With telecommuting becoming more viable for companies and the widespread availability of WiFi hotspots for business travellers, the need for dynamic remote web filtering is growing quickly.

“Organisations need to ensure that filtering policies are enforced consistently no matter where a user is located and the Bloxx Intelligent Remote Filtering Client makes this simple and straightforward to achieve.”