Bloxx has announced the launch of appliances to cover enterprise scale web filtering and reporting.

Introducing the Impresa-5W web filtering appliance, which can support up to 7,000 PCs and the Impresa-7W that supports up to 10,000 PCs, the company said that the appliances can be deployed in a high-availability load-balanced configuration to support larger networks and to optimise availability.

The Bloxx WR7 web reporting appliance provides optimised web reporting for deployments of single or clustered Impresa-5W or -7W web filters.

Eamonn Doyle, chief executive officer at Bloxx, said: “The launch of these enterprise-ready web content filtering and reporting appliances will deliver significant savings to larger organisations that are looking to reduce their ongoing security costs, without compromising on functionality or performance.

“Bloxx has always been able to match any product on the market for leading edge software, functionality and reporting and with these new hardware platforms, we can now offer a truly enterprise scale solution.”