Blue Coat has enhanced its hybrid secure web gateway to unite appliances with cloud-based defences and protection for remote users.

The new version of its hybrid secure web gateway solution now includes the ProxySG series and ProxyAV series appliances, which connect to the cloud-based WebPulse collaborative cloud defence service to obtain threat intelligence and web awareness.

The company claimed that the ProxySG and ProxyAV appliances can each scale to support enterprises with 250 to 60,000 users on a single appliance. It also claimed that with the new additions, its WebPulse is able to utilise 16 advanced threat analysis technologies to provide continuous protection against web-based threats.

Also, with the addition of identity-based filtering to the Blue Coat security and application acceleration ProxyClient software, security administrators can set, enforce and report on unique policies for remote users.

Bob Hansmann, vice president product manager for Blue Coat, claimed that there has been a tremendous rate growth in phishing and with 90 per cent of threats coming from trusted sites, Web 2.0 has seen no change in the way that filtering is done.

Hansmann said: “We provide anti-virus platforms but expertise on the web and improve visibility. People need a solution that admits that the world is not perfect but will nail solutions.

“ProxySG and ProxyAV are the gatekeepers, but we need a traffic cop in the middle and we have a traffic cop for both inbound and outbound threats. This is on-demand security, not real time and not push or pull, this is a very scalable architecture with new defences from the cloud with no patches or downloads needed.”

Mikko Valimaki, chief scientist at Blue Coat Systems, said: “With a collaborative and scalable cloud-based service to deliver on-demand security intelligence, the Blue Coat secure web bateway solution continuously adapts to the dynamic web-based threat landscape that is challenging legacy security architectures.

“By combining a high-performance internet gateway appliance with remote user protection and a collaborative cloud environment in a hybrid architecture, Blue Coat provides enterprises with a security foundation that is built to last.”