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Bluefire Mobile Security 4.0.2


Bluefire Security Technologies



From £4,842

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Strengths: All-in-one mobile-device security and encryption platform

Weaknesses: A bit pricey for smaller deployments

Verdict: A solid, multi-function product with transparent ease of use and excellent administration

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Bluefire Mobile Security Enterprise Edition can be centrally deployed and configured from an administration console. Administrative features include the ability to enforce and update security policy, view logs, extract security logs and control devices regardless of location.

This transparent management is conducted in near real-time without end-user intervention, leaving workflow and productivity uninterrupted. Bluefire is capable of secure data transmissions regardless of physical location for WiFi and mobile phone as well as wired network architectures.

We found this product to be quite straightforward, from setup through to managing devices. Installation is guided by a wizard and involves just a few simple steps. Once configuration is complete, users and groups can be downloaded straight from Active Directory. The management console is also intuitive and well organised.

A great product from a performance standpoint. Many of the features are easily configured and deployed. User interaction is non-existent thanks to the tool’s transparency. Once a policy is assigned to a device, it is instantly pushed out by an administrator.

The documentation for this product is straight to the point and puts good emphasis on deployment and configuration issues. The installation guides designed for end users are easy to understand and follow. All manuals are hyperlinked and, although there may not be an abundance of screenshots, the images that are present help to identify key installation actions.

Bluefire’s customer support features basic phone and email support during office hours, as well as product updates including minor fixes, maintenance releases, and feature enhancements. The company’s website provides contact numbers and other support resources, and 24/7 support is available for an additional fee.

Bluefire Mobile Security Enterprise Edition v4.0.2 is priced at £4,842 for starter kit, which includes the Enterprise Manager and 100 user licences. This product may seem a bit pricey, however, it does include many useful features and functionality beyond encryption, such as device firewalls and comprehensive granular security policies.