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What will it take for the C-suite to care about cyber-threats?

Only a third of British businesses have a financial plan in place in case of a cyber-attack. Research from Lloyds Bank reveals only half of companies contemplate the risks of a cyber-attack at board level.

To wipe out ransomware we first need to mature as an industry

To speak meaningfully and to be taken seriously by policy makers about issues like ransomware will require us not just to learn the language of the boardroom but the language of society at large, and of government.

Strong tech governance in the boardroom is a must

Senior leadership should pursue stronger business outcomes. Theresa Grafenstine says that becomes a much smoother proposition when at least one board member - ideally several - have expertise in governance of technology.

ICYMI: infected apps; LinkedIn; NHS breach; GPS spoofing; board training

In Case you missed it: Dodgy Google play apps again; Linkedin hit; NHS database breach; GPS spoofing US navy?; board training lacking

What it will take for today's CISOs to become tomorrow's COOs and CEOs

The next generation security leaders need to understand how the business works at all levels, but if they can do this, they may become invaluable partners in business.

IoD report says business leaders still putting cyber-security on back burner

A new report by the Institute of Directors (IoD) says that business leaders are still putting cyber-security on the back burner.

Company boards and management becoming more engaged with cyber-risks

Survey from consulting firm shows there is still much work to do to identify and protect the 'crown jewels' of mission critical data.