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FCA must have cyber-security experts on BoD

Following the recent attack, Tesco Bank reported the breach to the Financial Conduct Authority, an organisation ill-equipped to understand what had happened.

Security: from the basement to the boardroom

Justin Dolly discusses why security should be high on the agenda of the board and seen as a business enabler, not drain on resources

Video: How to remediate a breach (for CEOS)

SC Magazine UK went down to a Cyber-Rescue Alliance designed to teach CEOs how to respond to a breach when eventually, and inevitably happens.

54% of European CEOs are taking responsibility for cyber-security

More than half (54 percent) of CEOs in European companies are taking responsibility for cyber-security as it is now considered to be an executive responsibility.

Sony's 'small' spend on breach remediation - but are Russians inside network too?

Sony Pictures Entertainment has spent around US$ 15m (£9.87m) on investigating and remediating last year's data breach, which saw hackers steal terabytes of data.

Cyber risk management: A boardroom issue

Having comprehensive cyber risk policies that are not followed can be as detrimental as not having a policy at all says Peter Given.Good who advises that good risk-insurance will demand appropriate procedures are both in place and implemented.

CISOs breaking free from IT control, missing board support

Some of the UK's chief information security officers (CISOs) are breaking away from IT budgets and reporting lines but are still missing C-level support, a new study reveals.

Cyber security not a UK boardroom priority

New research from consulting firm KPMG claims that cyber security and data protection are only ranked third as priorities in UK boardrooms, following people skills and plant/machinery spending.

Security Baubles

When choosing what matters most, don't let compliance alone distract from keeping actual security risks as the top priority says Andrew Jutson

Security needs to look 10 years ahead

If it is to truly enable businesses, security needs to look now at implications of future developments and explain them to the board in financial terms, suggests the Infosec panel on Monday.

Communication gap indentified between IT and management

Bad news is filtered out of communicaiton to the C-suite and 63 percent of IT staff only start talking after a breach has taken place.