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£9.750 per user when purchased as a 5,000-user bulk pack with maintenance contract.

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Strengths: Ease of use, strong feature set.

Weaknesses: None found.

Verdict: An excellent enterprise solution with almost no learning curve.

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The Boldon James Classifier bundle is a comprehensive data leakage prevention solution that is easy to implement in organisations large and small. Various licence options are available, which gives organisations flexibility in choosing only the features they need, while still retaining the option to purchase others later if needed. The package seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Office suite, which gives users the same user interface, but adds the ability to implement a classification to documents and emails. Userdefined classifications can then be checked against defined policies to ensure compliance - and be adjusted as necessary.

The comprehensive software kit that we received came in the form of several CDs, but it took us only minutes to integrate the software into our SC Lab system. We began by setting aside a machine to install the centralised administration console. All of the administration for Boldon James Classifier is handled from within its Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, which makes configuration simple and familiar. We inserted the provided CD into the drive, extracted the ZIP file with the installer, and then followed through with the software installer wizard to complete preliminary setup. After that, we opened the snap-in MMC and followed instructions to complete first-time setup, which was straightforward and well documented.

After we had the administration console setup, we imported our licences and began tailoring the product to our environment. We configured our labeling configuration, which let us set classification options. Then, we set up our messages, which included alerts and warnings for when a user violated a classification rule. We also configured watermarking for sensitive documents at the top and bottom of the page. We imported our users from Active Directory before deploying the agent to our clients, which we easily accomplished by deploying the provided MSI with group policy on all of our machines. When we opened Office, the Classifier followed all of our policies perfectly. Classifier is easy to configure as its administration console is entirely wizard driven.

Boldon James offers a free 60-day software warranty with the purchase of Classifier. Support includes eight-hours-a-day/five-days a-week telephone and email aid as well as access to its website support features. This can be expanded to a software support and maintenance contract priced out at 20 percent of the license cost for one year. Support can be further expanded. 

Overall, we were pleased with this tool. It thrives in massive deployments, yet is still easy to set up and configure. Licensing is a reasonable £9.750 per user when a 5,000-user license is purchased along with a support contract.

- Sal Picheria

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