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Updated Avzhan DDoS bot spotted in Chinese drive-by attack

A Chinese drive-by attack was recently observed dropping an updated version of the Avzhan DDoS bot, according to Malwarebytes researchers.

Revamped GM Bot mobile banking malware spotted in wild

The GM Bot mobile banking malware has been revamped to deploy on Android 6 devices effectively bypassing the security put in place on the operating system.

And the country with the most bot Infections is... Turkey

Researchers at Symantec's Norton division found that Turkey has the largest number of "bot" infections with one bot for every 1,139 internet users.

US tax system hackers try to use stolen SSNs to generate E-file PINs

The US' Internal Revenue Service pinned a recent attempt to infiltrate its systems on malfeasants using a bot and Social Security numbers stolen from other sources.