A new working group aimed at tackling the growing epidemic of botnet attacks has been created.

The result of a public feedback period co-ordinated by the US Commerce and Homeland Security departments, the Industry Botnet Group (IBG) will focus its efforts on cleaning up and also preventing networks of compromised computers.

A recent report released by the US's Commerce Department highlighted the short-term goals that the IBG will pursue, including raising public awareness and providing online resources on the problem, which has reached millions of computers worldwide.

Comprised of trade associations, companies and privacy and safety organisations, the group is intended to further collaboration, and ultimately work to create a voluntary model under which internet service providers (ISPs) would notify consumers if their computers were infected.

Craig Spiezle, executive director and president of the Online Trust Alliance, told SC Magazine US: “For the efforts to combat bots to succeed, we have to take a holistic view. Everything from detection and takedown to prevention and remediation, that's the position that many of us who are stakeholders believe.

“There's clearly a role for ISPs, law enforcement and anti-virus providers. We need to all collectively look at the different touchpoints.”