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Malicious bot traffic climbs 9.5 percent in 2017, says report

The number of malicious bots circulating around the internet and impacting website performance increased by 9.5 in 2017, accounting for 21.8 percent of all traffic, according to a new report Tuesday.

Cyber a top priority, Russia will flex muscle in 2018 midterms

Russia has continued its assault on the underpinnings of US democracy, sowing discord among the electorate in some instances by marshaling bots to mount disinformation campaigns.

Imperva: in 2016, 94.2% of websites experienced a bot attack

In 2016 impersonator bots were responsible for 24.3 percent of all traffic on Imperva's network. The "textbook" impersonator bot which stole many headlines is, of course, the Mirai botnet.

Password thefts and account hijacking - why every data dump should be on your mind

The theft of millions of password credentials can lead to automated attacks on other companies' sites. But Stephen Singam asks how can they be prepared to spot this risk?

Bots account for 49% of all internet traffic

Bots are essentially the worker bees of the web, used to power search engines such as Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.

People worry about robots taking over, but what are the bots doing already?

Alistair Tooth talks about bots and what they are doing to your website - and says its time to take control.

Bad bots up, good bots down says new report

While humans are finally, and for the first time, the majority population of the internet, according to a new report, Bad bots are on the rise and legitimate bots are on the decline.

4% of Googlebots are fake and can launch attacks

Admins' fear of damaging their SEO gives malicious search engine bots a 'VIP pass' into sites.