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Blurring the lines between business and home

What are the risks posed by apps and hardware that cross the business/home divide? Dr Guy Bunker asks what policies and security approaches are required?

Web ads leading source of mobile malware

Research from Blue Coat Systems claims to show that Web-based adverts have taken over from adult Web sites as the leading source of mobile malware.

What keeps IT managers awake at night?

How do they get any sleep at all asks Andy Aplin who advises CISOs to deploy dynamic security systems and strategies and choose an approach which complements the organisation's specific business needs and vulnerabilities

BYOD: Protect the device, or the data?

The BOYD focus should be on securing data wherever, rather than being preoccupied with specific devices recommends Dr. Paul Steiner

SC Cyber Security Day: Key threat trends identified

A security program should begin with IT and business people getting round a table and 'talking, and talking more'.