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RSA: Doctors simulate emergency overdose caused by hacked medical pump

There's a famous axiom about doctors making unusual medical diagnoses when a more commonplace explanation is more likely: "When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras.

RSA: Trustjacking exploit abuses iTunes feature to spy on iOS devices

It has long been established that plugging one's iPhone into an unknown computer or hardware device exposes that mobile phone to potentially malicious cyber-activity.

RSA: Should the US treat Russian hacking networks like ISIS?

Current tactics to discourage rogue nation-states from engaging in malicious cyber-behavior are failing, and could necessitate more drastic actions, according to experts speaking at an RSA 2018 panel session on Tuesday.

Email hoaxes and phishing scams prey off of school violence fears

A Swiss hacking group has reportedly claimed credit for using a hijacked email domain to bombard schools around the US with fake threats of violence.

GCHQ head discloses offensive cyber campaign against ISIS, lambastes Russia

GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming acknowledged that the agency recently coordinated a major cyber-offensive operation against ISIS, significantly crippling the terrorist group's ability to recruit and coordinate attacks online.