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Malicious apps make nearly a million Minecrafters feel like blockheads

ESET researchers found 87 fake Minecraft mod apps that either redirected users to scam websites or were actually an aggressive ad-displaying downloader.

Reports cast suspicion on Trump server, political consultant

One report suggests a possible computer server connection between the Trump organisation and a Russian bank, while another alleges that a Trump advisor was in contact with Russian hackers during the presidential election.

Flash Seats ticketing app users could get scalped by a MITM attack

The Flash Seats Mobile App for iOS, a sports and entertainment ticket management app, is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks due to improper validation of SSL certificates provided by HTTPS connections.

Version of Facebook Lite app weighed down by Spy FakePlay mobile malware

A version of the social media mobile app Facebook Lite, most likely available via third-party sites in China, was found infected with malware that can steal personal information, Malwarebytes reported on Monday.

Phishing scam impersonating iTunes attempting to trick Canadian users

A phishing scam impersonating iTunes is attempting to trick Canadian Apple users into giving away their personally identifiable information, in order to get a refund on movies they never actually paid for.