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A dish served cold: Chef Gordon Ramsay's in-laws charged with computer hacking

London's Metropolitan Police Service has charged four in-laws of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, including the famous curmudgeon's father-in-law, with computer hacking.

Malware targeting banks contains apparent false flags designed to frame Russians

Malware samples recovered from watering hole attacks recently targeting banks across the globe contain false flags that fraudulently suggest Russian actors are behind the campaign, even though the most likely culprit is the Lazarus Group.

Uber drives down alert fatigue with customised data sets

To combat alert fatigue among its security analysts, transportation service Uber applies specially customised data sets to flagged incidents to help distinguish between genuine threats and non-malicious activities.

RSA 2017: Time for digital Geneva Convention says Microsoft president

The increasing incidence of civilians caught up in cyber conflicts between nation-states means it's time for a new Geneva Convention on cyber-warfare, says Microsoft's Brad Smith.

RSA 2017: Cyber Threat Alliance adds members, introduces new president

The newly-formed Cyber Threat Alliance held a press conference at RSA 2017 to announce progress it has made since its inception one month ago.