Brazil is "cesspool of fraud" says RSA guru

News by Paul Fisher

Brazilian hackers now more technically sophisticated than Russians

Brazilian hackers now more technically sophisticated than Russians.

In a talk at the RSA Conference Uri Rivner, head of new technologies for RSA Consumer Solutions revealed some startling new findings about the changing behaviour of the criminal gangs now controlling online crime.


Contrary to the popular view that Russian hackers led the world he revealed that it was Brazil where the latest malware, Trojans and tactics were being developed.


“Brazil is now a cesspool of fraud. The three main languages being used on criminal chat rooms and forums are now English, Russian and Portuguese.” he said. He also revealed that Australia was the hackers favourite test market for new malware and attack methods.


Rivner revealed evidence of the very first “fraud as a service” products being touted on underground market places, a trend likely to disturb law enforcement agencies across the world


“For as little as $299 per month would-be criminals can have all the technical work done for them, sit back and wait for stolen financial lists to be delivered. They rent malware and hosting services along with any patches needed to defeat anti-malware.” he said. 


Rivner showed a global criminal community becoming increasingly sophisticated and exploiting the same Web 2.0 tools that the legitimate world uses.  Blogs, podcasts and forums have mushroomed although the recent successful infiltration by the FBI of DarkMarket has meant that criminals were becoming more suspicious of each other. In some underground sites hackers even reviewed and rated their favourite Trojans just like mainstream technical publications.

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