Brazilian President Bolsonaro's cellphones targeted in cyber-attacks

News by Robert Abel

Brazilian police terms hacking the president's phone a matter of national security; justice ministry accuses a group of people already suspected in hacking other government authorities

The Brazilian Justice Ministry announced hackers targeted cell phones used by president Jair Bolsonaro.

The announcement came in a statement made on 25 July after a federal police briefing which referred to the incident "as a matter of national security, reported Reuters

The ministry claimed the cyber-attack came from a group of four people arrested recently in connection to a probe into a group of people accused of hacking other government authorities.

A judge ordered the arrest of Gustavo Henrique Elias Santos, Suelen Priscila de Oliveira, Danilo Cristiano Marques, and Walter Delgatti Neto, all from São Paulo state, on accusations of hacking Bolsonaro cabinet member and justice minister Sérgio Moro’s phone, The Guardian reported.

The group is also accused of hacking into the messaging accounts of  Moro, two federal judges, and two federal police investigators.

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