Breach Detection News, Articles and Updates

Trapping to hunting: intelligent analysis of anomalies to detect compromises

One of the goals of Breach Detection Systems is to provide the most effective automated detection with minimal false positives, because excessive false positives cause "fatigue" in the incident responder explains Dr. Giovanni Vigna

Monitoring logons 'the most effective way to detect data breach'

Monitoring corporate logins described as the most effective way to detect a data breach within an organisation.

Breach notification laws makes third attempt in Australian parliament

An law which will make companies tell customers and regulators when they've been breached is making yet another passage through Australia's legislative assembly.

SC Congress: Responding to a breach

Sarb Sembhi, Thomas Naylor, Thomas Whipp and Matt Holland joined forces at SC Congress to teach a willing audience how to respond to a breach.

SC Roundtable sponsored by Venafi: how to respond to a breach - successfully

Industry leaders gathered this week in the City of London's Sky Garden to discuss that most pressing of issues: How to respond to a breach - successfully.

Black Hat attendees 'naïve' on advanced persistent threats

IT pros say they can find advanced persistent threats within an hour - mostly, apparently, we think...

Spotting and staying ahead of the next network breach

If they can't identify attacks when they happen, how can financial organisations effectively combat them, asks Ron Miller.

Two-thirds of organisations are potential targets for nation-state cyber-attacks

Survey reveals over four-in-five firms have seen an increase in attacks on infrastructure