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Date: 5th June 2014
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. BST

Let's face it, it's no longer a matter of ‘if' your organisation will be breached, but ‘when' (if it hasn't already happened and you just don't know it). The key question is ‘How can you gain better visibility, sooner to the signs that you've been breached or that you're the target of an advanced threat?'   In this seminar, LogRhythm will discuss new advanced threat vectors that are evading traditional defences and how organisations can increase their security intelligence to detect and respond to advanced threats and breaches faster and with greater precision.  

Attendees that will benefit from this session, are those from organisations that are:
  • Ill-prepared to detect a breach when it happens.
  • Unable to define what ‘normal' behaviour is across the enterprise (e.g., users, applications, BYOD, networks, etc.).
  • Frustrated by an existing SIEM deployment due to its complexity, limitations or sheer lack of value.
  • Inundated by a deluge of uninteresting security “events” and false positives.
  • Looking for a better way to improve their security intelligence.

Speaker: Andrew Hollister, technical director, EMEA

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