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Half of Global Fortune 100 continue to download flawed Apache Struts

After a vulnerability in Apache Struts led to serious breaches at Equifax and laid the credit reporting agency low last autumn, organisations should have scrambled to bolster security.

Recommendations for cloud security: do the basics and plan for the worst

Don't keep secret or sensitive information in plain text; ensure regular patching; deploy 'least-privilege' to staff; use 2FA and secure password protocols; plan for what to do in the event of a breach and don't try to cover them up.

43% businesses, 19% of charities hit by data breaches: Cyber Breach survey

In a month from now, the UK will welcome GDPR which will give the ICO more powers to defend consumer interests and issue fines of up to £17 million or four percent of global turnover on organisations in the event of data breaches.

The impact of security on brand perception

Unsurprisingly, online security breaches can severely undermine the trust that a consumer places in a brand, with over 76 percent of UK consumers stating that they have a more negative opinion of a brand following a security breach.

No one is safe: How to stem the global breach epidemic

It's vital that multi-factor authentication systems become the industry standard for securing both customer and internal IT accounts. By replacing the outdated password-username combination, most hackers are outfoxed.

BrickerBot creators announce retirement from active operations

The individual, or people, behind the BrickerBot malware attacks have decided to hang up their mouse and keyboard after claiming to have locked more than 10 million supposedly unsecure Internet of Things devices.

The 2017 Verizon Breach Report: attacks pervasive but defenders have options

Three-quarters of breaches are down to outsiders and a quarter to insiders, and 73 percent are conducted for financial reasons with half involving organised crime says latest Verizon report.

Data Privacy Day 2017: over 420 billion records stolen in 2016, time for a change?

Data Privacy Day 2017 is here, and we're reminded once again of the need to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices.

European banking breach guidelines more strict than EU GDPR

Guidelines to payment service providers, supplied by the European Central Bank, call for reporting of a breach within two hours compared to the EU GDPR requirement for reporting within 72 hours.

ICYMI: BT outage; Euro CNI vulnerable; 4 rail attacks; Polish telecom hack: ransomware uses cloud

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at BT outage; Euro CNI vulnerable; 4 rail attacks; Polish telco breached; ransomware uses cloud

ICYMI: WhatsApp trap; Cerber RaaS; LinkedIn loss; Screen lock; 2 yrs to GDPR

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at WhatsApp malware; Cerber Ransomware; LinkedIn loses 117m credentials; Screen lock scammers; GDPR countdown. Note: UK Holiday 30 May.

IP EXPO: Pindar tells delegates prevention is not enough

While security spending continues to increase at a dizzying speed, breaches are increasing even faster, said Gemalto's Joe Pindar this morning at IP Expo. What are we to do?

SC Congress: Responding to a breach

Sarb Sembhi, Thomas Naylor, Thomas Whipp and Matt Holland joined forces at SC Congress to teach a willing audience how to respond to a breach.

ICYMI: McAfee security manager, cybersec salaries, Conficker worm, embedded XP; JD Wetherspoon breach

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at McAfee security manager failure; 2016 cybersec salaries up; Conficker in 20% of attacks; Embedded XP end-of-life; Wetherspoon breach took 15 mins.

Data breaches are out of control - act now or get fired!

Norman Shaw looks at the latest data breaches, their causes, what the Safe Harbour ruling could mean for data protection and what you should be doing now to protect your company and yourself.

Cyber-security breaches grow 117 percent in India

A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) claimed that incidents of cyber-security breach have climbed a record 117 percent during the year in India.

New findings disclose health care security gaps

The report surveyed 398 full-time health care workers to measure the security complications and flaws facing healthcare in the US.

Cyber-attacks unavoidable - firms increase incident response spending

Firms are shifting their cyber-security spend away from traditional 'prevent and protect' approaches towards 'detect and respond' operations.

Is your cyber insurance fit for purpose?

Due to the complexities of IT security, achieving clarity on cyber-insurance policies is going to be a growing challenge says Rowland Johnson

Phishing remains most common entry route, says Verizon report

With phishing attacks still the most common way for cyber-attackers to break organisational security, the race is on to identify ways to prevent or blunt the impact of these attacks.

Hackers 'still party like it's 1999', says Verizon breach report

Most successful cyber-attacks in 2014 used known vulnerabilities that were at least a year old, and the top 10 CVEs accounted for almost 97 percent of the exploits reports Verizon.

Russian hackers attack White House

Russia behind cyber-attack on White House - hackers have been in the system for months.

UK firms horribly unprepared for data breach response

Two new studies reveal that despite a third of UK businesses suffering a breach in the last year, most organisations severely overestimate their readiness to respond to an incident.