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Security without borders: how to keep information flowing after Brexit

Organisations that operate across the UK and Europe need to make sure they have a strong information-sharing framework in place ahead of March 2019 so that joint operations can withstand any change in national relationships.

Queen's Speech: Promise of a new digital charter to tackle extremism

With the incoming Brexit negotiations, the Queen said her ministers will seek to "provide certainty for individuals and businesses".

Deadline looms for GDPR compliance - one year to go for enforcement

A year today - May 25th 2018 - the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will end its honeymoon period and be enforced - potentially harshly.

Will Brexit affect online fraud in the UK?

John Cannon evaluates the debate on the impact of Brexit on fraud in the UK, examining the reasons why fraud may not be as catastrophic as businesses think.

Handing over the reins: The privacy landscape in post-Brexit Britain

Kolvin Stone and Alex Sobolev discuss why Brexit could lead to a more prescriptive and onerous approach to privacy worldwide.

UK remains the largest data centre market in Europe despite Brexit

There has been relatively limited impact on the London market from Brexit.

UK Information Commissioner makes consumer privacy "top priority"

In a speech at the ICO's annual Data Protection Practitioners Conference in Manchester, the information commissioner said GDPR is bringing about a major culture change, and companies should strive to make the handling of customer data a top priority.

UK post-Brexit Digital Strategy criticised by cyber-security industry

The UK government's new Digital Strategy contains seven strands aimed at increasing Britain's post-Brexit competitiveness, with one strand devoted to cyber-security.

ICYMI: 2017 predictions; Post-Brexit; Trusting employees; Card Phish scam; WhatsApp delivers malware

In Case You Missed it this week includes: CyberSec 2017 predictions; Brexit data implications; Employees too trusting; Credit card details phished; Mobile malware via WhatsApp

UK government still not sharing a post-Brexit data protection strategy

Monday night's adjournment debate saw MPs Daniel Zeichner and Matt Hancock debate what the data protection landscape will look like once the UK leaves the European Union and the GDPR will no longer apply.

ICYMI:PSN hacked; Russia prepares; Internet blackouts; Mirai botnet use; GDPR & Brexit

This week In Case You Missed It looks at: PSN hack on B1 launch; Russia prepares for retaliation; Blackouts from Dyn DDoS; Mirai botnets cause Dyn blackouts; Brexit confuses GDPR plans.

Post-Brexit Cyber-Security

Henrik Kiertzner asks how will the UK's departure from the European Union impact cyber-security?

Will Brexit be a game changer for GDPR?

Michael Hack touches on what we need to know about the GDPR in regard to risk evaluation, personal information compliance, the right to be forgotten, disclosure days, training and technology, and the consequences

UK Information Commissioner breaks silence, urges action on GDPR

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's PM programme, Elizabeth Denham, the UK's information commissioner, urged UK companies to fully prepare for the GDPR and promised investigating the Yahoo! data leak.

Brexit and the GDPR: What can UK businesses do now?

While the result of the referendum in the UK to leave the EU was unexpected by commentators, Brexit isn't the disaster that some critics claim and for nimble companies, it provides some opportunities, says Jack Bedell-Pearce.

After GDPR, Privacy Shield and Brexit, 5 questions you need to ask about your data

Fortunato Guarino looks at the importance of having the necessary processes and technology in place for finding personally identifiable information (PII) anywhere on the company network

Jobs for IT pros in the UK saw significant 15% uptick in July

Demand for IT professionals saw a significant uptick in July following the Brexit vote.

The General Data Protection Regulation - A post Brexit positive for British enterprise

Andrew Tang discusses the fact that the legislation won't technically apply to the UK once the GDPR is enforced in 2018 and what it will mean for UK security

Why you should expect even more data snooping outside of the EU

Mateo Meier discusses how Brexit is set to impact data privacy/security in the UK

Despite Brexit, UK businesses must still prepare for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Lewis Henderson explains how companies need to prepare to EU general data protection regulation in light of the post Brexit situation in relation to cyber-security.

Should we still worry about EU GDPR?

James Henry explores the implications of Brexit on the adoption of the EU GDPR legislation

Phishing scam targets Brexit anxiety

A cyber-scam has been unfolding in the wake of the Brexit vote.

ICYMI: Brexit, SWIFT heists, Office 365 phishing, CCTV botnets and more Brexit

This week's In Case You Missed it looks at Brexit, Cerber Ransomware, CCTV botnets and yet another heist on a SWIFT affiliate

IoD members warn of Brexit hiring freeze

The BBC is reporting that after surveying 1000 of its members, the Institute of Directors (IoD) has found that a quarter planned to freeze recruitment and five percent would be planning to cut jobs.

Fake signatures found on second EU referendum petition

The House of Commons Petitions Committee has revealed that over 77,000 fraudulent entries were entered into the petition asking for a second EU referendum.

Brexit will 'prove challenging' to UK universities and tech sector

Following the announcement on Friday that the country had voted in favour of leaving the EU, commentators have been assessing the impact on UK tech.

UK Cyber-security after Brexit: May not be as bad as it first appears

It's difficult to predict how the global and British economies will react to Brexit in the long run, however UK Cyber-security has every chance of staying in very good shape says Ilia Kolochenko.

Updated: How will Brexit affect the cyber-security industry in UK and Europe?

The British public has voted to leave the European Union by a margin of 52 to 48 percent. Are there any implications for people working in the cyber-security industry?