Brian Brackenborough, CISO, Channel 4


At SC Congress London, Brian Brackenborough, CISO at Channel 4 will have a session titled "Inside, outside, upside-down: Staying ahead of the threat, wherever it comes from."

What was your first job? 

My first job that I learnt anything significant from was Mckay's Home of Hardware in my home town. I remember getting there early every Saturday to put the shop front out, hundreds of terracotta pots! Kevin, the owner, taught me the value of customer loyalty.

What do you think most people imagine your job as?


If you were to describe yourself as a household object, what would it be?

Out of warranty.

What would your last meal be?

Really, really long.

If the battle between IT security pros and cyber threats were to be embodied in comic book characters, what classic super hero/nemesis match-up do you think would be most fitting?

I'd imagine it would be similar to those TV ads where you have the toilet germs and the bottle of bleach saves the day, I'm not sure it would make a good comic book though.

If you had to have an occupation other than the one you're doing, what would you do?

I honestly have no idea.

Have you ever heard a good joke about IT security?

None of the jokes I know are publishable.

What is the most important personality trait for a successful cyber security professional?


What technology did you used to rely on, and are now happy is obsolete?

Snakes, on my mobile.

What is the best career advice you ever received?

There's been many. Building a relationship is better than making a sale. Don't carry work arguments outside of work, was one Paul Chinnery used to say at Hayter. Trust No-one is good, though that was Mulder to Scully in Quantico, I'm not sure if that counts, but it's true enough.


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