British Airways has selected data integration software from Informatica to manage its services more effectively and maximise operational efficiency across its business.

The airline is using the Informatica platform to deliver relevant data across the organisation. It said that one of its main IT challenges is in managing this data, despite its massive volumes, complex formats and multiplicity of sources.

For the crew scheduling system, Informatica technology provides the shared knowledge that helps ensure the crew is correctly assigned for their flights around the world and the cabin crew members operate within their flying hours.

Ian Johnston, IT operations manager at British Airways, said: “To control costs and boost profits in the face of intense competition and other market forces, British Airways needs to maximise its operational efficiency.

“For the past six years, Informatica has been British Airways platform of choice to tackle even the most pressing data integration challenges. The Informatica platform provides our airline with a high availability, high performance integration capability which supports greater efficiency, compliance with industry and government regulations and improved responsiveness to industry changes.”

The Informatica platform is also the technology foundation for the airline's predictive analytics, discovering and integrating data to populate British Airways integrated commercial warehouse (ICW).

Chris Boorman, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of education and enablement at Informatica, said: “Airlines around the world have it tough at the moment: relentless competition, fuel price volatility and intense regulatory compliance conditions demand agility and a very high degree of operational efficiency.

“The Informatica platform gives British Airways the flexibility to reliably integrate vast amounts of different data from legacy systems on a daily basis. This gives the airline the dexterity to adapt quickly to market changes, deliver a consistent travel experience and optimise efficiency.”