British critical infrastructure companies at high risk from cyber-attacks

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Secure Computing has warned British critical infrastructure companies that they are at high risk from cyber-attacks.

Secure Computing has warned British critical infrastructure companies that they are at high risk from cyber-attacks.


It has specifically warned power grid, water supply, railways and nuclear energy plants to be vigilant, as research shows that the industry is not investing in security to protect its infrastructure due to budget constraints caused by the credit crunch.


Research showed that 84 per cent of more than 100 employees in the critical infrastructure industry felt that companies were not doing enough to provide protection with one in four predicting an attack in the next three months. Whilst 37 per cent stated they expected to be attacked in the next two years.


Meanwhile 65 per cent of respondents stated insider threats were a big problem for their organisation, but that they had no way to deal with this.


Mike Smart, senior product manager at Secure Computing, said: “If anything the current economic climate should mean companies invest more in security because the consequences of a data breach could mean complete business meltdown.


“Attacks on critical infrastructure networks from criminal threats, industrial espionage and/or politically motivated sabotage, could threaten public safety, impact national security, or even create economic upheaval or environmental disaster. Our research shows an all time low in confidence for critical infrastructure security and it is about time companies took action to restore this confidence.” 


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