As Brits get set for a three-day weekend, they are being warned once again to be vigilant about card fraud.

Research from CPP has revealed that people will put themselves at risk by carrying a staggering average stash of cash worth more than £450 – a 125 per cent increase from last year's August Bank Holiday.

The research found that one in ten Brits are intending to travel abroad this August bank holiday weekend and over half of people prefer to carry cash than use credit or debit cards when abroad.

According to APACS, the UK Payments Association, the levels of payment fraud within the UK totalled £379.7m last year, a rise of 16 per cent in the last year alone, and card fraud abroad rose by 11 per cent up to £230.1m.

Kerry D'Souza, card fraud expert from CPP, said: "Card fraud is a growing problem and we are urging Brits to be particularly vigilant when they travel this Bank Holiday. While planning on using cash rather than cards can sometimes seem a safer option – or perhaps a way to avoid any unfortunate interruptions – carrying such large amounts of money really does bring its own risks.

“It's important that people consider a combination of payment options this weekend. We advise all holidaymakers to be vigilant when travelling either at home or abroad, and to be especially careful when using their debit and credit cards.”