Bromium's state of security report card: Legacy solutions falling short

News by Ava Fedorov

According to a survey conducted by Bromium at this year's RSA conference, legacy solutions such as firewalls and antivirus systems are not effectively preventing cyber-attacks and fall increasingly short of the priorities set by CISOs.

One hundred security professionals were asked to grade their organisation's security resources on a scale of A to F (best to worst, respectively). Almost half of respondents graded their organisation at a B level, while one third graded a C. Meanwhile, those surveyed were also asked to grade their enterprise's ability to prevent attacks with twenty percent giving firewalls a failing grade and twenty five percent failing antivirus.

“The results of this survey serve as yet another proof point in a long line of data about the shortcomings of legacy security solutions,” Clinton Karr, senior security strategist at Bromium, said in an email to “Even if you cling to the belief that AV is not dead, the industry seems to be aware that it is in critical condition and is putting more stock in next-generation solutions.”

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