Bitdefender has launched a tool that allows users to check their computers for malware in less than a minute.

Named Quickscan, the company claimed that it caught almost half a million infections last year and a revamp now allows it to work with the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

It claimed that once installed, it takes just one click and 60 seconds for BitDefender QuickScan to check users' PCs, allowing them to make an informed decision on whether they need help removing malware or installing further security protection.

Razvan Costache, product marketing manager for QuickScan at Bitdefender, said: “The security of users is our paramount concern and we are proud that QuickScan is one of the fastest and most effective ways to check whether your computer is infected. We're confident that these changes will make QuickScan an even more popular tool in the fight against malware and other online threats.”