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Impossible to plug the danger zone in modern browsers, says researcher

The problem of spotting malicious content in browsers is getting worse as threat actors take advantage of an increasing number of pixels being effectively below the "line of death".

Google researcher finds serious flaw in Avast secure browser

Google says Avast introduced a serious security hole when it created its Avastium secure web browser from a Chromium fork.

Fatal exception crashes Google Chrome in sixteen characters

If you see this code and you are using Google Chrome, don't click it, type it in, copy it or even hover your mouse over it http:// a /%%30%30

Aged RC4 cipher to be shunned by security conscious browsers

In an apparent coordinated announcement, Google, Mozilla and Microsoft announced that they would stop using the RC4 stream cipher in their respective browsers.

Popular Android browsers open to hackers

Dolphin and Mercury Android browsers can be hacked to execute code remotely.

Microsoft forced to release out-of-band patch to fix IE

Internet Explorer vulnerability could allow hackers to take control of victim's PC

Totally new RAT bites bank users

UK bank customers are the main targets of a new Zeus-like malware family called 'Dyreza' or 'Dyre'.

US-CERT advises WinXP users to dump Internet Explorer

Users who are unable to stop using embedded versions of Windows XP should at least stop using Internet explorer and even then may have invalidated any cyber insurance that requires patch updates.

Java drives new cross-platform DDoS bot malware

"This is more proof that the Apple Mac is nowhere near as resilient to attacks as people think it is" - Nigel Stanley, Incoming Thought analyst

Apple Safari: not as secure as you might think

`Secure' online banking and payment credential pages accessible to hackers

Microsoft patch batch includes fix for zero-day IE flaw

Microsoft delivered its monthly security update on Tuesday to rectify 12 vulnerabilities, five of which are present in Internet Explorer (IE) and comprise the most pressing patch to deploy.

Eight Microsoft fixes planned for Patch Tuesday

Microsoft plans to release eight patches on Tuesday - six for "critical" vulnerabilities - as part of its monthly security update.

Report: Nearly all computer users running insecure programs

Only two per cent of computer users are fully patched and the other 98 per cent are running at least one insecure, unpatched program, security firm Secunia said this week.

Beware unauthorised web browsers, says Sophos

Most network administrators want to secure their organisations from 'rogue' web browsers, according to IT firm Sophos.

Mozilla set to develop risk model for software development

Mozilla is trying to refute the notion that the buggier the software, the less secure it is.

Microsoft IE8 to have more defences

For the upcoming version of Internet Explorer 8.0 (IE8), Microsoft has hinted at a number of security improvements.

Apple updates OS X to address security and performance issues

OS X Leopard gets a new version as the Mac maker moves to improve reliability and squash a whole hatful of vulnerabilities

Microsoft warns over Safari "carpet bomb" attack

Users of the web browser on both XP and Vista can be hit by a blended attack which installs malicious code, according to a security advisory released by the software giant

Apple rapped for Safari download policy

The Mac maker and creator of the popular web browser has come under fire from a leading security researcher for the ease at which users can download malicious software from the web, but it seems reluctant to change its mind