Browsium has announced the release of a solution to run legacy IE6-dependent web applications in modern browsers.

The Browsium Ion is built on the UniBrows solution and offers IE6 compatibility without requiring the IE6 engine. The company said the benefits include the Adaptive IE Quirks Profile, which chooses between IE Quirks Mode and IE7 Standards rendering, and a String Replacement feature that overrides HTML, JavaScript or CSS from the client browser in real time with no need for server-side code changes.

When combined with profile settings and management features from the previous Browsium solution, such as disabling Data Execution Prevention and Java version redirection, the solution eliminates the need for the IE6 engine entirely.

The company said Browsium Ion uses the browser engines built into IE8 and IE9 to enable legacy web applications to run on Windows 7. It also said that Ion enables multiple versions of Java to run side-by-side in Internet Explorer tabs and provides granular control of Internet Explorer security settings, allowing administrators to customise settings per web application rather than for the browser as a whole.

Matt Heller, founder and CEO of Browsium, said: “As we planned our roadmap for our next-generation product, tackling customer concerns around licensing was of paramount importance, along with increasing the software's capabilities to provide better compatibility for more complex enterprise web applications.

“The result of these efforts is a set of innovations that led to a much better solution, one that dramatically improves compatibility while also removing all of the confusion around Microsoft licensing policies on the use of the IE6 engine on Windows 7.”