An often underused part of this blog is the ‘release of the week' header. In this week's case, I was honestly delighted to find that Buckfast Abbey has installed CCTV and video surveillance solutions from Mirasys.

For those who have not read Ian Marchant's amusing take on the British drinking culture ‘The Longest Crawl' – see here – he visits the Abbey for a taste of its legendary Buckfast wine, apparently the weapon of choice of Glasgow's drinking community.

The installation of the network was done ‘after experiencing a series of thefts and vandalism', presumably not by monks after a taste of the funky wine, and consumers will no doubt be delighted to know that it is being distilled/brewed in new, safer conditions so as not to disturb its unique flavour.

Is it a sad indictment on society that an abbey is forced to install CCTV to protect itself, or did I write this to poke a cheap joke at Buckfast wine in a rare opportunity, you decide!