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TLS implementation bug put millions at risk

A critical security bug put millions of banking app users at risk, according to researchers from the University of Birmingham.

Linux kernel bug enabled privilege escalation - fixed after 2 years

Linux kernel security bug could have led to privilege escalation - fixed after two years as turned out worse than first thought.

Flaw in LinkedIn Messenger could harbour malware

Millions could have been exposed to malware bug in LinkedIn Messenger

Crippling bug in Linux crashes system with a single tweet

A bug in Linux has been discovered that could allow a hacker to crash a system with just 48 characters of code.

Twitter catches 24-hour bug: Brief password glitch potentially exposes user info

Twitter's password recovery systems briefly contained a bug that potentially exposed the email addresses and phone numbers of about 10,000 active account-holders.

Firefox zero-days exposed by attack on privileged account

An attacker compromised a privileged account on Mozilla's Bugzilla bug tracker tool and used the gleaned information to exploit a critical bug.