Raytheon-funded bursaries at Lancaster University will give students the opportunity to compete for funding for the institution's GCHQ-accredited cyber-course geared toward future careers in cyber-security and data science.

Raytheon UK will provide a £3,000 bursary each to three students reading data science and another three students reading cyber-security, pending programme success.  The course will ensure that the Lancaster students are best prepared for the working environment. 

The UK's shortage of cyber-security experts along with securing the company's ambitious leverage plans are key drivers for the company's continued financing in future cyber-talent.  Raytheon UK plans for awareness growth around careers in the field and ensuring that the UK is qualified in the utmost degree to tackle future cyber-threats with this new partnership.   

Developing future cyber-talent is key to ensure that Raytheon UK maintains a strong group of employees with the progressive technical abilities to fight back against criminal attacks.