IntraLinks has launched a version of its mobile security platform for the iPad and iPhone.

Available from the Apple App store, IntraLinks said that it launched the solution to meet demand from customers who need real-time intelligence and instant access to information. According to the company, the app combines its Software-as-a-Service solutions with the functionality of the iPad and iPhone.

IntraLinks said that it has added purpose-built standards for security protection and encryption technology into the app.

Fahim Siddiqui, chief product officer at IntraLinks, said: “As business is increasingly conducted away from the desktop, there is a real need for enterprise-grade apps that provide organisations with flexibility that don't sacrifice security.

“The IntraLinks mobile solution takes the powerful capabilities to exchange and manage critical business information outside the firewall on a PC and laptop, and offers the ability to do the same from an iPad and iPhone. IntraLinks users will continue to benefit from the same key features, such as the ability to maintain full document tracking and audit compliance, while receiving information in the palm of their hand.”