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Security and business continuity are top concerns when moving to cloud

Sixty-two percent of organisations leave data protection and availability of in-cloud data to third-party cloud providers.

Cost of Delta's IT outage amounted to roughly US $150 million

The total cost of US airline Delta's recent five-hour IT outage was estimated at $150 million (£114 million). The outage saw over 2,000 flights either cancelled or massively delayed for three days in August.

Data breach threats keep 51% of biz leaders from sleeping at night

Over half (51 percent) of senior decision-makers in large businesses are kept awake at night due to the threat of a data breach caused by a cyber-attack.

Disaster recovery planning - it's not just how but when

The old saying "failing to prepare, is preparing to fail" is never more appropriate than when applied to disaster recovery (DR), says Oscar Arean.

Holborn fire underscores need for business continuity planning

According to the old adage, failing to plan is planning to fail, and as Matt Kingswood says, recent events in Holborn, London are a timely reminder of what can happen.

Forensic readiness - the new 'business continuity'

If you don't have good forensic readiness planning and testing in place, you are neglecting a core requirement of good organisational planning, no less than if you failed to have disaster recovery or business continuity planning argues David Rimmer

League table Go-Ahead

In a special one-off case study linking our themes of PCI compliance and security spend, Random Storm technical director and co-founder Andrew Mason describes to SC a case study that tackles both issues with the aid of league tables.

Disaster recovery: Is the message getting through?

Gale force winds are battering Scotland and the North of England - so businesses should invest in disaster recovery solutions.

Hurricane Sandy tests business continuity, disaster recovery

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which disrupted power, internet, phone and numerous other technical services for millions along the east coast of the US, organisations are in an ideal mode to check the efficiency or shortcomings of their 'in-case-of-disaster' plans.