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Cost of DNS attacks on UK businesses more than doubled since last year

In June last year, a report from EfficientIP revealed that 76 percent of organisations around the world suffered DNS-based attacks and almost a third of UK organisations experienced data exfiltration via DNS.

Rampant cryptojacking harming organisations' cyber-security, experts reveal

While individuals and businesses across the world have embraced cryptocurrencies due to the various benefits they come with, the concept has also attracted the attention of cyber-criminals.

Healthcare sector suffered more than half of all cyber-attacks in 2017

In the past couple of years, while we have seen a rise in businesses adopting new cyber-security policies, such measures have not been able to curb the rise of malicious malware and cyber-weapons used against healthcare.

London Police launch Cyber Griffin initiative for Square Mile firms

City of London Police recently launched a new initiative to offer threat briefings, incident response training, and other guidance to businesses located in London's Square Mile to help them secure themselves better from cyber-threats.

GDPR countdown: For the small business

If you own or work at a small business and your firm is a data processor or data controller of private data belonging to European Union citizens, your company will be subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Kaspersky challenges Twitter's decision banning company's ads

Twitter Friday banned Kaspersky Lab ads, pointing to misaligned business practices and what the US government has said is Kaspersky's relationship to Russian intelligence, claims that repeatedly have been denied by the firm.

15 security expectations for suppliers and business partners

By now it's clear most corporate people understand that the security posture of business partners and third parties has become a top priority.

Malware: securing the cloud against a growing threat

The explosive growth of cloud services in the business world is having an unfortunate (yet predictable) side effect. So why is cloud becoming a major target for cyber-criminals and what can businesses can do to protect themselves?

Cyber-attack knocks Energy Services Group offline

A cyber-attack against Energy Services Group (ESG), which handles customer transactions for natural gas pipelines owned by several energy firms, has knocked the company's systems offline.

UK businesses financially unprepared for cyber-attacks

In spite of the prevalence of cyber-threats facing every business sector, a survey has found that two thirds of businesses do not have a financial plan in place in the event of a cyber attack.

Google gets sued for denying "right to be forgotten" request

A businessman, whose "right to be forgotten" request was denied by Google to "defend the public's right to access lawful information", has filed a lawsuit in the high court in a bid to make Google remove references to his criminal past.

Study claims most businesses lack cyber-expertise to prevent attacks

The majority of businesses lack cyber-security expertise to prevent cyber-attacks and protect customers, according to a recent study.

Number of 2017 cyber-incidents doubled, 93% could have been prevented

Out of nearly 160,000 reported cyber incidents affecting businesses in 2017, 93 percent could have been prevented by following basic security measures.

Data Protection Day: EC issues GDPR guidance

With just under four months to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, the European Commission (EC) published guidance last wee, meant to help organisations apply the new rules to their businesses.

£20 million Institute of Coding to be built, PM announces at Davos

A consortium of more than 60 universities, industry experts and businesses is set to receive £20 million to create the Institute of Coding to help create the next generation of digital specialists, according to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Spyware replaced ransomware as hackers' weapon of choice in 2017

While ransomware attacks on consumers and businesses slowed down towards the fag end of 2017, they were replaced by spyware campaigns which rose by over 800 percent year-on-year.

UK businesses far more confident re GDPR than their European counterparts

More than 70 percent of British businesses are confident about their understanding of GDPR and their preparations for the upcoming data security legislation.

CNIL orders WhatsApp to stop gifting data to parent firm Facebook

French Watchdog CNIL has ordered that Whatsapp stop sharing data with its parent company, Facebook, for business advertising and promotion.

Agritech businesses in race to protect farmers from cyber-threats

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionise the farming and agricultural sector, but many agritech companies are concerned by the cyber-threats associated with the technology.

BEC scam lands Nigerian Man in jail for 41 months

A Nigerian man was sentenced to 41 months (3.4 years) in prison for his part in business compromises which targeted thousands of victims around the world and swindled more than £21 million.

'UK is the most affected country' from hacking per capita in the world

Thousands of British businesses have paid ransoms to Russian hackers who are launching attacks every day and demanding £100,000 to release files.

Is neglecting the client side costing your business?

Pedro Fortuna focuses on the different threats businesses are exposed to via the client side.

Bridging the Gap of Grief with Business-Driven Security

Riashmi Knowles discusses how communication, or lack of, is the blight of the security industry.

Little giants in a global market: why upstart security companies are one step ahead of corporations

Garry Kondakov discusses why it is so essential to be able to identify new threats in a world where the attackers are so innovative.

Rahul Gautam appointed to lead EY's UK and Ireland TMT practice

Rahul Gautam has been appointed to lead EY's UK and Ireland Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) practice.

Chris Bream appointed to CTO at Tanium

Tanium has appointed Chris Bream as its new chief technology officer.

Corporate data on endpoint devices more vulnerable to cyber-threats

Code42's latest report says CIOs, CISOs and their IT security teams need to find powerful new solutions that will keep data safe without impeding productivity and causing further risk.

APT32 targets private sector organisations with an interest in Vietnam

A cyber-espionage group dubbed APT32 is carrying out intrusions into private sector companies across multiple industries.

Cooley's London office appoints Rod Freeman as partner

Rod Freeman is joining the London office as a partner at Cooley, a tech law firm.

KwizzBit appoints Chris Hart and Angelika Wehnert to its growing team

Chris Hart, sales and marketing manager, and Angelika Wehnert, administrative assistant, have joined Leeds-based tech company KwizzBit, a web-based gaming platform.