Businesses should collaborate in communities to share information

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Collaborative business communities are on the rise as information is shared.

Collaborative business communities are on the rise as information is shared.


John Fitzgerald, CEO of Beyond Encryption, claimed that businesses are aiming to gain a competitive advantage by sharing sensitive information outside traditional corporate boundaries.


Fitzgerald said: “Increasingly closed corporate networks are being opened up to external parties, such as suppliers, customers and competitors and although this collaborative approach brings substantial benefits, it also opens businesses up to the threat of data breaches and demands a radical rethink of existing security procedures.”


He believes that this will increase next year, as businesses will look for technologies that ‘transcend existing enterprise infrastructures and maintain control over information when it is taken off the premises while also significantly improving external collaboration.'


Fitzgerald claimed that users must develop a more sophisticated understanding of the evolving needs of collaborative communities and develop new models, architectures and processes to support new business requirements going into 2009 and the future.


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