Businesses encouraged to consider encrypting voice and SMS on mobile devices

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Not enough people are considering the practicality and ease of mobile phone security.

Not enough people are considering the practicality and ease of mobile phone security.


Charles d'Aumale, vice president of Marketing at Ercom, claimed that when it is comes to public awareness of the need to a secure the SMS and calls to and from a mobile phone, there is not enough knowledge.


d'Aumale said: “In the early 2000s, if you were an iBanker you had to have a BlackBerry, by 2010 if you don't have a secure phone you are not a VIP. If you believe in the organisation you better protect them.”


He further claimed that Ercom normally targets governments and major organisations to secure their VIP conversations, and said that conversations between security officers and C-level staff show that they are aware of the security issues but some don't care.


“If you are on a train you don't discuss business. On the Eurostar there is an 80 per cent chance that the person sitting next to you could be from a competitive bank. People are a lot more aware of what is happening; on email, on voice. People are becoming more aware but this is only starting”, said d'Aumale.


Ercom offer two product lines, Cryptosmart and Mobipass, Cryptosmart products are smartcard solutions for corporations and administrations to protect their communication networks and endpoint devices. These smartcards secure access and data storage on the handset, as well as all data/voice communications through high level encryption.


Mobipass products are testing platforms dedicated to 4G access networks manufacturers. These products provide unitary, functional and load tests on the access side of 4G mobile networks (eNodeB) and are based on industry standards.


d'Aumale explained that the Cryptosmart product works by installing software on to the handset after the gateway has been installed, and a card inserted into the Micro SD slot. The card acts as the encryption key, without it the technology will not work.


“We are actively expanding in the UK and North American markets and we are looking for partners to integrate the technology and solution for their customers. In France this is operational and we are working with Thales, we have collaborated with manufacturers on technology to make sure that everything works, but they are operators and don't go direct to the customer”, said d'Aumale.


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