Businesses face security risks due to mobile devices

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A quarter of businesses have experienced security issues due to the use of mobile devices outside of work in contravention of company policy.

A quarter of businesses have experienced security issues due to the use of mobile devices outside of work in contravention of company policy.


Research from Vodafone UK reveals many UK businesses appear unsure as to how to secure mobile devices effectively. As users are inadvertently putting the device at risk, the research revealed that 50 per cent of workers do not know that there are different policies when using IT inside or outside of work. Meanwhile, one in three has never read their employer's IT policy or don't know that it exists.


Curt Hopkins, head of Enterprise Mobility Solutions at Vodafone UK commented, “It's clear from the research that although many companies are setting remote and mobile working policies, they often prove to be ineffective because staff just don't follow them.


“Not only is this due to lack of knowledge or understanding on the part of the user, but also to lack of awareness in the IT department of effective solutions to extend and enforce security policies and practices to the mobile device estate.


“Today's mobile devices are complex and have the potential to open holes in corporate security policies. Businesses that implement a remote access solution across their network will benefit from reduced risk, improved compliance and productivity as well as improved peace of mind, knowing that their corporate information is secure.”


Vodafone UK has developed the latest release of Vodafone Secure Remote Access – which enables companies to secure information, devices and connectivity and enforce IT policy. It includes features such as Full Disk Encryption to protect data that resides on laptops and Data Leak Prevention to stop the removal of sensitive data along with policy-defined access control provide much higher levels of security.

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