Businesses are making mistakes by trying to implement emerging technologies

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Security leaders have claimed that risks are rising as businesses are rushing to adopt emerging web and mobile technologies.

Security leaders have claimed that risks are rising as businesses are rushing to adopt emerging web and mobile technologies.
According to new research by RSA, there is a significant gap between the speed at which organisations are adopting new connectivity, collaboration and communication technologies and their readiness to deploy them securely. Further research from RSA's Security for Business Innovation Council, outlines how companies can capitalise on the significant business advantages these new technologies represent without putting their organisations at risk.


An IDG report commissioned by RSA shows that many companies are leaping into new technology without considering the consequences. Key findings of the report show that more than 70 per cent of survey respondents believe escalating levels of connectivity and information exchange powered by new web and communication technologies are transforming their organisations into hyper-extended enterprises. Also, the majority of organisations have increased their use of virtualisation, mobility and social networking over the past 12-24 months, with more than one third reporting an increase in cloud computing.


However, many of the responding companies do not have adequate strategies to assess the risks involved in adopting these new technologies. In some organisations, the corporate security department is only brought in when problems occur and in others, security is not even informed before these new technologies are used. Further, less than half of respondents have developed policies for employees to guide the use of social networking tools and sites. 
Art Coviello, executive vice president, EMC and president of RSA, said: "Businesses are becoming ‘hyper-extended enterprises', exchanging information with more constituencies in more ways and in more places than ever before. The rapid adoption of nascent web, social and mobile technologies combined with the rising use of outsourcing is quickly dissolving what remains of the traditional boundaries around our organisations and information assets. Security strategies must shift dramatically to ensure companies can achieve their goals to cut costs and meet revenue targets without creating dangerous new business vulnerabilities.”

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