Buyer's Guide

Welcome to the SC Media UK Buyer's Guide 2017, produced in association with Skybox® Security.

On behalf of Skybox Security, we are delighted to share with you SC's independently assessed top innovators in information security products 2017, tested in SC's own labs by SC technology editor Peter Stephenson, former CISO of Norwich Defence University, and his team.

This publication features a selection of the entrants considered to be the most innovative. The full list of products tested in each category can be found at  

And in a special product highlight, we are proud to feature the original independent SC reports on the Skybox® Security Suite as they appeared in SC Magazine UK in June and November 2016. Prior to production of this Buyer's Guide, the SC labs examined the Skybox Security Suite and were impressed by its broad capabilities for vulnerability and threat management and risk and policy management, declaring it one of the most versatile and flexible products that they've seen.

We hope that reviews like this and others will shed light on solutions ready to help you overcome challenges no matter the age or maturity of your programme—whether you're struggling with fundamental issues such as visibility or resource shortages, or you're looking for advanced tactics and gaining strategic intelligence.

Of course, the Buyer's Guide isn't just about products, but people too. For that reason the guide also includes both SC's Salary Survey - to provide an indicator of remuneration levels across the industry in a variety of roles and vertical sectors - as well as SC's Top Ten influencers for the past year, ranging from legislators and activists to researchers.