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GDPR is just around the corner: what can organisations expect?

Mobile devices are more vulnerable to data leaks, given that they can be lost or stolen and can often result in lost or deleted data; the legal ramifications for this are the same as with any other device under the GDPR

Interview: Understanding zero trust models - Akamai's preferred approach

Patrick Sullivan, director, security technology and strategy at Akamai Technologies explains the concept of Zero Trust perimeters and cloud perimeters in an interview with SC Media UK's editor-in-chief, Tony Morbin.

Protecting data against attacks - cyber and otherwise

The 'CIA' approach - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability - is regarded as the pinnacle of data security. Of these, perhaps the most important component is 'Availability' says Dirk Paessler.

Securing the vulnerabilities of remotely working

CIOs and security professionals need to ensure that company security policies are established and enforced, whether employees access company sensitive data from home offices, public Wi-Fi networks or hotels says Gerald Beuchelt.

Reap benefits of remote working & avoid risks of personal mobile devices

BYOD: Lee Bryant describes how to reap the benefits of remote working without overlooking the risks of personal mobile devices.

The key ingredients to more productive and profitable enterprise mobility

Dave Schuette discusses how and why security, contextuality and productivity make up the foundation of a successful mobility strategy and how these fit into the enterprise mobility maturity model.

BYOD: the balance between achieving efficiency and avoiding GDPR fines

Paul Donovan explains why BYOD is the last thing that should be ignored in the wake of the EU GDPR and what's needed to deploy a BYOD policy while protecting your network.

Only 4% of cyber-pros are happy with their cyber-security investments

Nearly 80 percent of cyber-professionals say enterprises must understand the behaviours of people as they interact with intellectual property (IP) and other critical business data, but only 32 percent are able to do so effectively.

42% of council districts in England don't have a BYOD policy in place

A high proportion of local authorities in England do not have a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) policy in place.

Can tackling security threats also boost your organisation's productivity?

Dave Schuette discusses the measures enterprises must adopt to ensure security in the age of mobility and BYOD

Only 39% of companies have a formal BYOD policy

More and more workers today are bringing their personal devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets to the office to use for work.

DressCode spotted in 3K Android apps, 400 in Google Play

DressCode malware spotted in thousands of apps and could pose a serious threat to enterprise networks.

GartnerSEC: people-centric IT practices encouraged

Gartner is now encouraging people-centric IT practices so IT is no longer seen as a hindrance and rather an enabler.

BYOD policies essential to keep data secure in the public sector

Several organisations within the public sector still need to give 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) initiatives proper consideration. Only then can security risks be avoided and the benefits of BYOD completely achieved.

The five pillars of Network Access Control (NAC) needed to enforce BYOD

Paul Donovan outlines the main questions to ask when choosing a NAC solution to work alongside a BYOD policy while protecting the network

70% of UK employees use unauthorised cloud services at work

Unauthorised cloud services are used by 70 percent of UK employees at work.

The BYOD explosion: How much of a threat do personal devices really pose to your network?

How much of a risk is BYOD to network security? No more than company-issued hardware - provided businesses follow these four essential steps says Lee Painter.

Video: 'It's asymmetrical warfare' between the hackers and defenders

Mushrooming numbers of BYOD and IOT devices is putting corporate networks at risk, says ForeScout CEO Michael DeCesare in an exclusive video interview.

NHS all-mobile no-paper system has 'alarming' lack of cyber-security

A recent FOI request by cloud solutions company Accellion has revealed an 'alarming' lack of cyber-security in the NHS' use of mobile devices.

RSA: Is the internet of things the new BYOD?

Greg Day of Palo Alto Networks made the case for learning from the problems of BYOD and applying them to IoT in his presentation to RSA Abu Dhabi today.

Innovation versus infosecurity

Innovation and security should not be mutually exclusive but unfortunately they often are seen that way, says James Henry.

UPDATE: Does Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense spell end of private wireless networks?

Between BYOD and Microsoft's Wi-Fi Sense, soon there won't be such a thing as a private Wi-Fi network anymore.

Putting people at the heart of your IT policy: Five tips to get it right

IT security policies must evolve to embrace sensible policies for bring-your-own-device (BYOD), says Chris Mayers.

Supply chain and breach response troubles haunt UK CISOs

UK Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are winning some battles and losing others when it comes to improving their firm's information security practices, according to a new report.

Hundreds attend SC Congress in London

Around 400 cyber-security professionals, including more than 300 delegates as well as speakers, sponsors and press, packed out the SC Congress conference in London on Tuesday to see more than a dozen industry experts raise issues including the future of the CISO, APT and Internet of Things attacks.

How BYOD and collaboration trends solve corporate incident management

Workforce collaboration via mobile devices and apps is a positive thing, so long as business options are used says Joseph Do.

European banks getting targeted by malware

At least one in twenty devices used by the customers of major European banks is riddled with malware, according to new claims from one security company.

Is BYOD a four-letter word in your organisation?

Decide on your mobiles policy, then choose the technology that allows that policy to be delivered says Sergio Galindo.

Trust, company culture and BYOD security

Mobile Application Management, with secure access and separation of work and personal use can establish employee trust in a company's BYOD policy says Alan Hartwell.