CA has announced new releases to its application testing tools that modernise mainframe ownership.

The company has released a new version of CA SymDump for CICS that uses the new Mainframe 2.0 implementation functions. In addition to leveraging its Mainframe 2.0 technology, CA's testing and debugging tools, CA InterTest Batch and CA InterTest for CICS, now feature a graphical user interface (GUI) based on the Eclipse Platform.

The company claimed that this will make it easier for experienced and novice mainframe staff alike to execute core testing and debugging tasks.

The new CA InterTest GUI helps developers efficiently re-use and re-purpose existing mainframe application code in order to further improve productivity and support service oriented architecture (SOA) implementations.

Aline Gerew, senior vice president of software engineering in CA's mainframe business unit, said: “Conventional approaches to testing and debugging mainframe applications are too slow and inefficient to meet the ‘needed it yesterday' demands of the business.

“CA has directly addressed this issue by delivering a new set of solutions that empower our customers to better meet these demands despite their current resource constraints.”