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General Motors opens bug bounty without the bounty

The iconic American car manufacturer, General Motors, has opened its first bug bounty programme and the industry's second for connected cars but critics are not happy with the terms.

Blackhat Europe 2015: Automated cars hackable at sensor level

Jonathan Petit, principal scientist at Security Innovation Inc, showed off his new work on hacking automated vehicles through the car's sensors at Black Hat in Amsterdam.

BlackHat Amsterdam: 'numbers will make the difference' when securing the IoT

SC sat down with Veracode's Chris Eng to talk about securing the internet of things and the future of cyber-regulation.

Hackable cars: Functionality at the cost of safety

Tony Dyhouse of the Trustworthy Software Initiative sat down with SC Magazine to discuss car hacking and the automotive industry's blind-spot towards it.

Jaguar car hack in New Zealand

A Jaguar XFR may have been stolen using hacking techniques increasingly seen on keyless cars.

Police cars now hackable according to US report

Researchers in the US have established ways to hack the cars of Virginia State police.

Update: Jeep taken over from 10 miles away via in-car entertainment system

Car hack exploit could enable criminals could take control of Jeep Cherokee over the internet