Four Romanian tourists have been arrested in Thailand accused of perpetrating an ATM credit card scam that stretched around the world.

In a scam that brought them 100 million baht (£2 million) and involved the theft of around 7,000 credit cards, the group used a card reader and a hard drive to collect the money, while the card details were held in a hard drive. 

Florin Eugen Gavrila, 33, was arrested in Phuket's Thalang district yesterday and soon after his wife Alexandra, 26, was arrested along with Claudiu Constantin Vilvoi, 36, and Bogdan Constantin Ene, 23. According to Phuket Wan tourism news, the four appeared yesterday at Phuket's Tourist Police headquarters.

It was reported that Ene demonstrated the ease with which the four managed to use blank credit cards and a card reader, embedded with personal numbers and information, to make withdrawals whenever they wished, having skimmed thousands of cards in their scam. They had 211 blank white cards with magnetic strips and a stockpile of details from 5,000 people in Britain and another 2,000 from Latvia.

It was also reported that the gang was able to determine which people with cards were least likely to notice missing cash and targeted the elderly and wealthy.