Card Fraud News, Articles and Updates

Researchers expose Russian cyber bank robbers who stole over $10M

A Russian cyber-criminal group has stolen at least US$ 10 million (£8.5 million) from financial institutions and other organisations in the US, U.K., and Russia, by targeting card processing systems and interbank transfer systems.

New PCI standard lets card users self-authenticate by web or mobile

Consumers are now able to authenticate themselves with their credit and debit card issuers when buying online by using web browsers or via mobile applications using the new EMV® 3DS standard, designed to cut online card fraud.

Data breach hits MSG: Rangers, Knicks, Rockettes fans hacked

Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) reported payment card information was stolen from potentially hundreds of thousands of customers who attended shows or sporting events at the organisation's five major venues during the last year.

British teenagers caught up in international card fraud investigation

An international swoop on payment card fraudsters - or 'carders' - has resulted in the arrest of 15 suspects in Canada, Finland, Spain and the UK including an 18-year-old man in Birmingham.

Why some friction in the payment process can be a good thing

David Poole discusses how technology and the internet have transformed our payment process and the issues that come with these new developments.

UK leads Euro-card fraud increase (18%)

UK card fraud grew a staggering 18 percent in 2015, the sharpest rise across all of Europe.

ICYMI: TeamViewer control; Intel defence; Card cloner; Skype a vector; Cloud apps not GDPR ready

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at TeamViewer hijack; Intel's processor defence; 15 per sec cards cloned; Malware via Skype; Cloud apps not GDPR ready

Analysis: Japanese ATM super-raiders bag £9m in 3 hours

Japanese criminals exploit stolen South African bank data to withdraw 1.4 billion Japanese yen (£9 million) using cloned bank cards.

ATM compromises jumped 546% in the US from 2014 to 2015

The US has seen the highest ATM compromise rate ever recorded by the FICO® Card Alert Service, which monitors hundreds of thousands of ATMs in the US.