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Researchers find easily-exploitable vulnerabilities in BMW's in-car systems

Security researchers at Tencent's Keen Security Lab have revealed that Internet-connected systems in several BMW cars feature vulnerabilities that allow malicious actors to hack into such vehicles via a set of remote attack surfaces.

Newsbite: New laws for driverless vehicles to look at hacking risks

The government is reviewing transport laws to take account of automated vehicles and may introduce specific new criminal offences to deal with interference, which would include vehicle hacking.

'Crash' testing programme needed to achieve autonomous vehicle security

Driving the Autumn Budget - speed of introduction causes concerns over safety of autonomous vehicles, including terrorist take-over, plus where responsibility lays - user, manufacterer (hardware/software) and regulator.

Cyber-security and the age of the autonomous car

Stephen Coty discusses the best ways for both consumers and car manufacturers to move forward with the adoption of autonomous cars.

Advocacy groups urge FCC in the US to address connected car technology threat

Several public interest groups in the US have reached out to the FCC calling for action concerning the implementation of DSRC technology.

In-car security systems not yet ready for autonomous driving

Automotive industry running to catch up with cyber-security issues ahead of releasing first autonomous cars onto nation's highways.

Former Tesla engineer charged with hacking and leaking data

Former Tesla engineer faces federal charges for computer intrusion for allegedly hacking his manages email to leak employee data.

US automakers respond to cyber-security failings with new ISAC

Automobile manufacturers in the US have been stung into action by recent hack attacks and damning reports into vehicle cyber-security.

ICYMI: Big data leaking; Salesforce vulnerability; suppressed car hack; sound authentication and critical IE fix

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Big data leaking; Salesforce vulnerability patched; suppressed car hack; ambient sound authentication and critical IE fix.

Security researchers reveal car hack after two-year injunction

VW hacking report still has one line redacted

Braking news - 1.4 million Jeep recalls & DAB now attack vector

After a demo of a Jeep hack in the US 1.4 million of the vehicles have been recalled - and DAB presents another attack vector according to NCC researchers

Wi-Fi car updates pose security risk

Ford's announcement of software updates to its cars via WiFi highlights security concerns about Smart Car software.

Driverless vehicles and digital trust

Driverless cars put our lives rather than our data at risk and cyber-security should therefore be a crucial component in design, to deliver trust, says James Knotwell